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Jack Window

Joshua Hoffine is an Addy Award winning commercial photographer. His clients include Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, Sony UK, and Strange Music.

Hoffine brings his artistry and technical expertise to every project, horror-themed or otherwise. He understands your unique needs as a client and can take any concept and make it a reality.

Have a project? Send a message for a free consultation.

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Dino Coaster
Jack Monitors
Victim Window
Jack Hall Wide
Jack Hall 02
Jack Shh
Jack Window 02
Jack Window 03
Bent Neck 01 - Wide
Bent Neck 02
Bent Neck 03
Bent Neck 04
T9 Shock
T9 Killer
T9 Rollerskates
T9 Police
Hands 01
Hands 02
Drac 1
Drac 2
Frank 1
Frank 2
Wolf 1
Wolf 2
Mummy Dog
Fire Eater
Chaplin 01
Chaplin 02
Baron Semeda
Devil Mugshot